Infinity Double Funnel

The Infinity Double Funnel™ 
 a Lead Generation Funnel

The Infinity Double Funnel™ 

Why Haven't We Seen this Before?

Are you struggling to generate a consistent flow of high-quality leads?


Do you need to prevent your advertising from burning up your advertising budget


Wouldn't you like to discover how to put together a lead-generating funnel that reduces your costs and only generates high-quality ultimate-prospect leads?


We can help!

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Discover the Infinity Double Funnel™ 

A major component of the Lead Generation Domination™ System, the Infinity Double Funnel™ is our leak-proof, 4-layered, funnel.   (See the first layer in the image above).  Although based on the buyer's journey, the Infinity Double Funnel™ also takes into consideration the seller's journey. 


This lead generation funnel recognizes the steps of the buyer's journey, then applies specific technology and tactics at key points in the funnel. It also tactically deploys specific types of educational marketing materials at specified times in the funnel. These educational marketing materials are used to attract, qualify, capture, nurture, and convince leads to take the desired actions and become paying customers.


Furthermore, a key element of the Infinity Double Funnel™ is that it is a double funnel. It addresses a missing component from most other sales funnels, re-engagement through

re-targeting and re-marketing activities.


This funnel doesn't stop at the sales process. Another key missing element of many sales funnels is using the strongest allies, the customers, to further improve the sales process. When a lead becomes a paid customer, the Infinity Double Funnel™ continues to re-engage the customer tactically building brand loyalty and encouraging repeat customers.


This process increases the number of loyal customers who become brand advocates.  Brand advocacy is a crucial element in the sales funnel process, because brand advocates become, in essence, a soft selling sales force for the brand.


If YOU are looking to increase leads and grow profits by reducing costs, the Infinity Double Funnel™, is the best lead generation funnel model available.


For more on the subject, simply download the Infinity Double Funnel™ guide now. 

Burning Money


... burning up your advertising budget!

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The Infinity Double Funnel™ Checklist

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Infinity Double Funnel

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